Some of our Fan Mail


“I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! They are the perfect breakfast for me. But I can’t find them anywhere in Northern California where I live.” – Jessica

“I love your product and have developed an unfortunate addiction.  I need to have at least one Zen Monkey (preferably blueberry) every day.” – John, Los Angeles, CA

“I recently visited San Diego and fell in love with your product. Unfortunately, I live in Vancouver, BC Canada!” – Amy, Vancouver, BC

“My kids LOVE the apple cinnamon and I don’t shop often enough at Whole Foods to keep in stock.  Please contact amazon fresh to see if you guys can begin to sell with them……order from them all the time and I bet it would do well.  We love it around our house :)” – Sara, Seattle, WA

“I love your concept!  I used to buy when you were at the farmer’s market in a courtyard surrounded by office buildings, across from the mall.  I still have a little burlap sac with your name on it.” – Lisa

“I love Zen Monkey and eat it all the time in LA.  I may be moving back to Houston and was hoping Zen Monkey would consider coming there- I think there is a real market for it!!” – Erica, CA

“Just discovered Zen Monkey yesterday and wondering where you have been all my life! It is perfect for the professional on the go. It’s not too sweet, fills you up & is easy to eat. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You now have a fan for life!” – Gina, CA

“Love the new packaging!!! And as always LOVE LOVE the apple Cinnamon!!!!” – Camille

“Sampled some at my Whole Foods Henderson, NV today. Very good! Greek yogurt, oats and fruit together in harmony, love it! Bought two! Will be back for more! Great snack after a long run! Thank you!” – Jenna, Henderson, NV

“Hi, I recently tasted your yogurt while in Portland.  It is definitely 1 of the top yogurts that I’ve tried.  Is it available in any East Coast markets?  I’m currently in medical school on the Gulf Coast and think that it would be a great addition to keep me fueled up.” – Zack

“I have to be honest and tell you that I actually said to your reps “yogurt and oatmeal….kinda sounds disgusting together.”  Opened it and proceeded to eat the entire container.” – Alan, Los Angeles, CA

“Just Love it” – Adrineh, Glendale, CA

“Being a huge fan of your product and sharing it with friends has left me with a bazillion little zen monkey cups.” – Susan

“My 15 month old loooooved them. She had the strawberry and apple flavors.  Family trip to Whole Foods tomorrow!” – Hicxell, CA

“I recently went to a toddlers event on Saturday. I tried zen monkey and omg I loved it!! I have never really tried yogurt but I tasted this one. I fell in love!. Where can I buy this at??” – Suzanna

“I just wanted to email your company and tell you that I think your product is absolutely amazing! I tried the apple cinnamon flavor at the Whole Foods in Brentwood a few weeks ago and since then I have eaten your product for breakfast every day. I’ve been telling all of my friends and co-workers to go give it a try because I think it is awesome.” – Lexi, Brentwood, CA

“I tried zen monkey while vacationing in LA and I would love to get it at home in Chicago!! Any chance you guys ship?” – Emily, Chicago, IL

“I eat your product at least 3 times a week and enjoy it a lot.” – Susan

“I recently got to try your delicious little concoctions at a local Whole Foods. So yummy and what a great idea (especially for kids)!” – Mariel, Seattle, WA

“I really love the zen monkey breakfast. Tastes delicious and is so convenient.” – Mary

“Hello! I recently sampled zen monkey while visiting Portland and I wanted to find out where in San Francisco it can be purchased.” – Megan, Portland, OR

“It’s a great light breakfast in the morning!” – Zhen

“Hi Zen Monkey! My son, Cisco, is 13 and wants to invest… He is all about the strawberry Zen Monkey!  He wants to ensure its longevity.  :)” – Danna, Santa Paula, CA

“I tried it for the first time and LOVED it!! Is there any coupons that I can sign up for??” – Mindy, Simi Valley, CA

“Please, we LOVE Zen Monkey yogurt, and used to buy it at Whole Foods on Wilshire Ave. in Santa Monica, CA but we just moved to Washington, DC. The Whole Foods here does not seem to carry it. We would be willing to drive to any reasonably nearby Whole Foods in this area to stock up by the case. Can you PLEASE tell us how to get this wonderful product now that we are hooked?” – Christine, Washington DC

“My daughter and I fell madly in love with Zen Monkey after trying it at our Woodland Hills Whole Foods, but they seemed to have stopped carrying it,” – Eve, Woodland Hills, CA

“I was wondering if you guys are planning on putting your product in other stores? I have been trying for 2 months to get your yummy goodness from whole foods pasadena. The shelf is empty every time I go there!” – Kandice, Pasadena, CA

“I’ve been mixing cereal, yogurt, and fruit together for ages and was pleasantly surprised to find out that ZenMonkey has made it a “thing.” They soak oats in apple juice and combine it with plain yogurt and fruit… who can say no to that?” – Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA

“I had been looking and waiting to find your yogurt for a long time, I fins all found it at a nob hill in Mountain view, and love it and made it part of my breakfast routine. Now they no longer sell it, is it available anywhere else.” – Dave, Sunnyvale, CA

“My husband and I just moved to Boca Raton Florida from Los Angeles and we miss and love your product. We had it for breakfast every day! Is there any way we can order it?” – Tara, Boca Raton, FL

“OMG, just bought a container of strawberry Zen Monkey last night & I’m already craving more. Really delicious, creative product. Can’t wait to taste them all and look forward to your expanding product line in the future.” – Hamilton, Portland, OR

“I think it was late October or early November that we, newly married couple discovered amazing perfect breakfast at whole foods in Glendale. Since then, my husband has been eating zen monkey every morning before he goes to work. When zen monkeys are all out, my husband would rather say, I’m ok! I will have early lunch. I appreciate healthy, balanced, easy and YUM zen monkey breakfast. I think these days we go whole foods to shop zen monkey only;”” – Heisue, Glendale, CA”

“Zen Monkey, I have heard of your yogurt for months, been waiting and waiting to find it in Northern California , finally found it yesterday, enjoying it for breakfast today, more than worth the wait, gracias!” – Dave

“I just wanted to drop you guys a quick line about how much my boys love your product! It is so difficult to find something that my kids (5 & 7) will eat willingly for breakfast, its made my life so much easier and tastes amazing.” – Patricia, Brentwood , CA