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About Us

So you don’t know what Zen Monkey is and you Googled us so you can finally chime in when your friends are going off about their favorite new breakfast! Don’t worry, we’ll play nice. And if you’ve been here before…well, you know all about our attitude!

Imagine the most amazing, delicious, refreshing breakfast. I’m getting hungry just writing this. A full bowl of oatmeal, soaked…NOT COOKED…but soaked in apple juice overnight. Then, we add some plain, tart, nonfat yogurt…and real fruit. Sounds good, right? Just wait until you try it.

Oh, and it’s so easy. You do NOTHING. Just lay in bed, and with our new iPhone app, you can sync your refrigerator door with your alarm, and your Zen Monkey will float to you while you’re still in bed. Can your breakfast cereal do THAT?! Seriously though, Zen Monkey is easier than cereal and milk. Just peel the seal and have at it. It comes pre-mixed and ready to go, so you can take it to work, have it in the car, at home, at the gym, by the pool… you name it.

And for the health freaks out there…you’re welcome! We here at Zen Monkey are OBSESSED with what goes into our bodies. These are all ingredients your grandparents would recognize.

It’s like eating a bowl of oatmeal, a small cup of plain yogurt, and a side of fruit, all together. The perfect breakfast, no? Nod your head yes and read on.

There’s a reason we have such a strong following. These little cups are EXACTLY what we’ve all wished for on those busy mornings or the days we open the fridge, starving and just waiting for something good to magically appear. So treat yourself and go taste it to believe it.